Fertility Awareness For Breastfeeding Moms


Learning fertility awareness during breastfeeding from a fertility and breastfeeding expert (with over 35 years of experience) can be empowering and liberating. It can literally change your quality of life. In the comfort of your home, while bonding with your little one, you are spared the hassles of traveling, so learning is made simple and convenient.

This workshop begins with myth-busting. Contrary to what you may have heard or learned:

  • “Full” breastfeeding is not a reliable form of contraception and neither is LAM (Lactational Amenorrhea Method), an algorithm that predicts your fertility status based on your breastfeeding frequency pattern, the age of your newborn, and the absence of menstrual bleeding.
  • Your gynecologist is most likely uninformed about safe and effective non-hormonal, non-invasive methods, including Fertility Awareness
  • Hormones and IUDs during postpartum are unnecessary, not to mention the side effects they can cause
  • Your body is highly intelligent; when you tune in and listen, it communicates your fertility status on a daily basis
  • Fertility Awareness is based on nearly 160 years of scientific research and discovery

Workshop Objectives

  • Develop mastery of your secretion pattern during postpartum breastfeeding
  • Gain control, confidence, and peace of mind from knowing your daily fertility status

What you will learn from this workshop

  • How breastfeeding hormones affect your fertility
  • How different (cultural) types of breastfeeding influence the return to fertility
  • How your natural secretions signal when you are and are not fertile
  • How to accurately interpret your secretion pattern/s
  • How to identify the signs of returning fertility during breastfeeding
  • Easy-to-apply rules for preventing pregnancy during the breastfeeding time, both before and after menstruation resumes

How do I know if this method is right for me?

This workshop is recommended for new mothers who want natural solutions for contraception and who are open and curious about understanding the connection between their natural secretions and their fertility. This workshop is geared to those wanting to forge a more intimate relationship with their body, fertility, sexuality, and health.

The workshop is super informative and effective because it includes “state of the art” hands-on tools for understanding postpartum fertility. I have been developing and refining these tools for more than a decade.

The workshop connects and supports you with others, like yourself, who are in the same hormonal transition, and who want to practice natural, safe and effective contraception, without the risks and side effects of hormonal and IUD methods. The group is limited to 5-6 participants, so the framework remains small and intimate. Babies are of course an important part of the group, so breastfeeding can happen, uninterrupted. If there’s a bit of noise, one can always mute their microphone.

The framework allows you to:

  • Gain experience, skill, and confidence to successfully implement the method
  • Progress at your own pace; no pressure or deadlines involved
  • Receive individual follow-up for up to one year

More Details

The workshop will be offered every two months (see calendar below). It is divided into three sessions, approximately 2 1/4 hours each, spaced two weeks apart over a total of six weeks. Each group schedules the dates for the second and third sessions together.

The cost of the workshop (NIS 1000/US$ 300) includes nearly seven hours of small group learning, a 45-minute one-on-one consult, handouts, and PowerPoint presentations. If the menstrual cycle returns after the workshop has ended, the participant can join another FAM workshop online, at no additional cost.

For more information about breastfeeding and fertility see my articles about breastfeeding myths and natural contraception during breastfeeding.

Breastfeeders are also welcome to join the general FAM workshop.

Registration and Payments

Upcoming workshop dates

The dates indicated below refer to the first meeting in the series. The remaining meetings will be coordinated together with the group participants.

Individual consultation dates will be coordinated by phone after you complete your registration.

Some workshops are not scheduled on a regular basis. These workshops happen when a group of friends decide they are interested and then dates can be scheduled.

Reserve Your Spot

  • You can pay the full amount upfront, or pay a deposit of 20%. The rest of the payment will be charged at the end of the first session.
  • Payments are processed securely via bank transfer or PayPal.
  • Before registering, please fill out the health form.



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