Fertility Awareness for Couples


Choosing Together Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) is one of the only natural and effective methods that enables both partners to understand their combined fertility potential and take equal charge in day-to-day, sexual decision-making. This is a paradigm shift which, if embraced, can literally change lives, relationships, gender-roles and culture. It works in both directions- preventing or postponing pregnancy and/or achieving pregnancy when desired. When a woman understands, values and honors her cycle and hormonal rhythms, she becomes more present, engaged, confident and assertive. She can communicate to her partner what she needs and wants.  When a man has more knowledge and understanding about his partner’s menstrual cycle, he becomes more present, connected, empathic and supportive.  When two people learn to appreciate and experience their fertility and sexuality on a deeper level, intimacy surges to a higher level. It’s all about trust, openness and a desire to be there for each other.  In this space, shared responsibility is possible.  FAM FOR COUPLES is most recommended for people in a serious, stable and committed relationship  If these ideas resonate, then this workshop may be right for you – couples ready adopt a new values-system,  delve into the magical mysteries of their bodies while learning a valuable life skill for fertility management.  It requires maturity, responsibility and commitment. When used as contraception among people who want to maximize their sexual freedom, they will still need to combine other methods- but only during a handful of days per month. For those planning a pregnancy, now or in the future, they will know if  their fertility is balanced (his and her’s) and on what days conception is possible. FAM is a game-changer. This workshop empowers each person in the relationship with the knowledge and skills for creating true equality and shared responsibility for sexual decision-making. The benefits for couples who learn FAM together

  • FAM fosters closer communication
  • FAM builds trust and intimacy
  • FAM can give both partners an amazing sense of control, mastery, confidence and peace of mind
  • FAM promotes empathy and equality by enabling both partners to take an active role
  • FAM creates a greater appreciation for individual fertility and it reframes sexual health and sexual pleasure in a life-changing way.
  • FAM can radically improve and enhance your experience of pleasure, especially when knowing how to identify fertile and infertile days of (her) cycle.
  • FAM can be learned and practiced without having to go off hormonal methods or remove an IUD. There’s no requirement to commit, so everyone moves at their own pace, while staying safe and protected (Once a  couple decides they want to use FAM in their relationship, it can take a few months’ time before the method can be implemented as the menstrual cycle is in transition). Each couple decides if/when the time is right to make the switch. There are no deadlines and every client/couple receives a year of personal, unlimited follow-up and support.

About the workshop

  • It is divided into four group sessions, three hours each (total 12 hours), approximately 3 weeks apart, on zoom (nearly a three-month experience).
  • Requires a minimum of 4-5 couples. Since demand is sporadic, the best way to ensure that a workshop happens is by organizing a group of your peers/friends/co-workers. There is a definite added value when you join the workshop with people you know and care about.  If you know one other couple with a similar interest, and you each recruit one additional couple- then the prep is done and we can begin.
  • The cost per couple is NIS 1000 / $USD 300. The fee includes: all handouts and ppt presentations, individual follow-up for a year; an additional one-on-one follow-up session after 4-6 months/cycles;  refresher sessions in the future (yes, you can repeat the workshop in the future, at no additional cost); referrals for diagnostic testing (if relevant), natural recipes for enhancing fertility, exercises for improving sexual communication and more.
  • The only thing you will need to buy is a $15 basal digital thermometer.

FAM isn’t just a “method;” it’s a relationship-changer. For more information, please feel free to contact me at : [email protected] 

Registration and Payments

Schedule a workshop

These workshops are offered on demand and not scheduled on a regular basis. These workshops happen when a group of friends decide they are interested and then dates can be scheduled.

Reserve Your Spot

  • You can pay the full amount upfront, or pay a deposit of 20%. The rest of the payment will be charged at the end of the first session.
  • Payments are processed securely via bank transfer or PayPal.
  • Before registering, please fill out the health form.



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