Secretion Gallery

Who knew that our bodies contain innate intelligence, that they can communicate our fertility potential on a daily basis?  This gallery serves as a brief introduction to the world of our natural secretions.  During most days of the month/cycle, our secretions are inhospitable to sperm, making it impossible for them to survive, swim into the uterus or reach the fallopian tube, where fertilization occurs. Only during select days of the cycle are sperm nourished by our secretions (and the hormone estrogen), which enables them to begin the journey towards reaching the egg. 

As you browse through the photos and videos, you will see samples of the many varieties of secretions that our bodies miraculously produce.  Every person’s secretion pattern is unique and relative to themselves.  Each image is accompanied by a description (of adjectives) which is based on a number of characteristics defined through our senses. These characteristics tell us when pregnancy is possible. There is a precise way to understand your own “body language,” and once learned, you have a skill for life which can be used to prevent or achieve pregnancy.

Knowing how to recognize your own secretion pattern can be a life-changing experience.  When learned with a qualified teacher, it becomes possible to attain a high degree of efficacy, control, confidence and peace of mind.  Having this personal knowledge about your body is not only empowering for the goal of managing your fertility; this knowledge can spark a transformational journey of connection and intimacy with your body, sexuality and womanhood. It also has the power to heal, by making you feel truly “at home” in your body, relationships and life.